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Kada atsipirks mano saulės kolektorius

Čia galite pasiskaičiuoti kada atsipirks Jūsų saulės kolektorius lyginant kolektoriaus kainą su išlaidomis elektrai, kurią naudojate vandeniui šildyti.

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Started the 2014 summer season

19 April 2013. collector is filled with water.

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Solar collector controller v1.2

There has been an improved solar control version. The program can write here. PCB is universal and can be adapted to the changing program of your needs. Arduino is the standard 5-key pad (A0) connector 16×2 LCD display (LCD LiquidCrystal … Continue reading

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Manufactured controller printed circuit board (PCB)

2013.05.02 Already made ​​a controller printed circuit board (PCB):

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