Triangle collector (collector area of ​​2 sq. m.. (the second part is done now), heat exchanger of aluminum 19 m 10 cm outside diameter of the tube, covered with 1 cm. thick polycarbonate, tilt angle of about 30 degrees, the length of the pipe between the tank and the collector 15., pump voltage of 12 V, 12 W power, perpompuoja to 10l/min., Boiler-120 liters)
Flat radiator collector (collector area of ​​1.7 square meters, made ​​up of two large iron radiator panels, covered with 1cm thick polycarbonate, tilt angle as 35-50 degrees within the length of the pipeline between the collector and the tank 8 m., the pump voltage of 12 V, the power 12 W perpompuoja to 10l/min., Boiler-300 liters)
Foam characteristics (the house in 1960. construction, walls 50 cm thick, slag concrete monolith, temperature sensors are between the wall and the insulation-insulation)